We would like to introduce you to an exciting and groundbreaking program Equi-Assist - equine home care nursing program - a new standard of care for horses. Serving the surrounding communities, this new plan delivers compassionate, highly skilled nursing care to equine patients at your home or lay-up facility.

What are the advantages to you and your horse? Here are just a few important ones:

  • A professional highly trained nurse by your side during your horse's recovery
  • Compassionate nursing care at your home; lowering stress to your horse that allows recovery to progress smoothly
  • Peace of mind; knowing you are providing the best care for your horse
  • Continuity of care that bridges the gap between the hospital and recovery at home

Our home care nurses are highly trained with years of experience in critical care. Your primary care veterinarian is the case manager and will supervise and oversee medical management after discharge from the hospital. Your home care nurse provides the hands on patient care and facilitates communication between the New Bolton Center doctors, the primary care veterinarian and you - the owner. This program serves as a model to improve the quality of patient care delivered to horses in their home environment.

So how do you give your beloved equine friend the best medical care at home? Continue to explore this site and read how the vigilant and compassionate home care nurses can make a difference - by your side, in your barn and for the good of your horse. Then call us!

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